Oprah’s economic fix for family needs reality check

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with all these talk shows and morning news segments that try to help me survive these “tough economic times.” A segment that aired yesterday on Oprah was downright appalling. (I’m still slapping myself for even watching. I’m done with Oprah.)we-need-groceries-she-needs-exercise-what

If you need some expert from the Oprah show to “teach” you how to cut what you spend weekly on “take out” from $400 to $59, you’re an idiot. You should be arrested just for being stupid. And so should Oprah for featuring these people. Are they kidding? These people need help making ends meet? Have you ever noticed that the people on these shows live in HUGE houses? Drive SUVs? Have big screen TVs? Airing it is an insult to those of us who know better.

 People like this don’t need financial help, they need mental help. People are STARVING in this country and this particular family was spending $20,000 a year on take out? I don’t care how much money you make, if you spend that kind of money  and then try to tell us that you know you need to cut back because these are “tough economic times” but  just don’t know how, you’re a dumb ass.  And, these experts that Oprah showcases? Wow. How hard is it to tell these morons to open up a box of pasta and jar of sauce and toss the take out menu from Applebees?  Just for fun, I would have loved to see Suzi Orman come in and wag her finger at them. Jerks.

 I challenge Oprah to send one of her experts over to my house. I dare them to look at my budget and tell me where to cut. Regardless of having a comfortable income, we never have or would ever spend that kind of money on take out or even on eating out no matter how many hours a week we worked and certainly not because our kids didn’t like what we cooked.  I live in a modest home, have never purchased a brand new car, and 50% of my wardrobe is purchased at consignment stores. Show me how to cut my $100 a week grocery bill in half. Go ahead. I dare you.

Oprah, if you want to really help us in these “tough economic times” then have some guts and make it hard for your experts. Have them tell us something we don’t already know. Excessive spending and selfish attitudes are to blame for the recession. People should never have been living like this in the first place. Stop showcasing them as faultless, helpless middle class Americans, stuck in the middle of an economic crisis. Instead, have a show that can help the millions of desperate people in this country who would be happy to eat the scraps of $400-a -week-in-take-out leftovers. 


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