Why no sassy boots, Michelle?

Without question, watching Barack Obama be sworn in as our 44th President of the United States was an experience I will never forget. We spent the day at the John F. Kennedy Library & Museum in Boston (aka Dorchester for you locals) and I can’t think of a better place to spend it. It had much of the same excitement and jubilation of being in Washington, D.C. but without the cold. His speech was rousing, poignant and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything – including a dumb ass company meeting.

This outfit so could have used a pair of sassy boots.

Her outfit so could have used a pair of sassy boots.



But really, can we talk about something more important than this historic peaceful transfer of power? The First Lady’s outfit. I admit, I’m disappointed. After all, she’s a classy woman with a tall lean body. She had SO many choices. So what was with her outfit? The color, ick. What color was that? Gold with a touch of Lime? The style? It looked like a mother-of-the-bride outfit, didn’t it? Is she so tired of people comparing her fashion sense to Jackie Kennedy that she wants us to be afraid to look? And what was that thing at the neckline? Metal? You don’t wear metal outside in the middle of January, duh! You’d think being from Chicago she’d know that. Perhaps she wasn’t cold. That would explain why she walked around with her jacket open. I wanted to scream, “Button up your coat, Michelle, for Heaven’s sake! It’s 20 degrees out there! And where’s your hat.” I’m surprised her mother let her go out like that. Flat pumps? Please. I would have forgiven the choice of outfit had she worn a pair of  sassy boots, tall black leather. *sigh* Such a wasted opportunity to look totally smashing. 

A white wool mid-length coat with faux fur collar in soft brown would have been my choice. Oh, and sassy boots. Can’t wait to see what she’s wearing tonight.


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One response to “Why no sassy boots, Michelle?

  1. spinninglists

    I LIKED Michelle’s outfit. And although I’m always a fan of sassy boots, her green Jimmy Choos were nothing to scoff at!

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