Where do I begin?

I had this idea at 3 a.m. this morning that I would start a blog and chronicle my job search. This thought kept me up half the night. I have nothing else to think about now that I have no job. 

One of the few benefits of not having a job that requires I leave the house at 8 a.m. is that I get to watch morning TV, such as Good Morning America in its entirety.  This means I don’t miss the good stuff   like interviews with a stoned Meg Ryan and stories about outdoorsmen who chew their arms off to stay alive and reports from London about Madonna’s nasty divorce. You know, the real news. 

Today, though, hot cup of tea in hand and Daisy (my dog) curled up beside me, I hunker down for two hours of GMA. An hour in I realize staying at home is not all I had hoped it would be. The “Disney Kids” are dropping off coats for that special coat drive GMA sponsors with Burlington Coat Factory. When I see celebrities holding their soon-to-be cast-off coats I think Diane Sawyer should scream out questions like  they do at the Academy Awards. “Nicole? Who are you wearing? Who are you throwing in the box? Did you get tired of it or outgrow it? How long did it take you to decide which one to give. Is it actually your own coat or something your agent recently picked up for you at Macy’s?” I think these are questions GMA viewers want to know. But they never get asked.  I start to flip channels and land on some evangelical Christian station. I know it’s one of those programs because the woman preaching has big hair and a southern accent and most of the audience is overweight.  I am intrigued by the tweed pant suit she is wearing and think, hmm,  QVC?  It would make a nice interview suit. I hang in there. “It’s time to get real about who we are,” she says. This is a sign. I will make this blog real.


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