Now I’m really depressed

There is an article in today’s Boston Globe about a job fair in NJ. The news is not good. It quotes an out-of-work tax analyst as saying, “”It’s hard to find a job. No one wants to hire anyone with any experience.” 

My friend Anne said to me yesterday that she thinks this sinking economy is a media hoax otherwise why would skiers be  swarming the slopes of Okemo like ants during Christmas vacation when lift tickets are $77/day.   I think she makes a valid point. My spirits are lifted as I think this all might be over in a day or two. But news late yesterday reported that EMC would lay off 2400 employees, 600 of them in Massachusets? Holy crap. Now I’m really depressed — especially if the line at that Dunkin’ Donuts on Rt 135 doesn’t get any shorter in the morning. 

Some stats out today according to the same Globe article: “A barometer on layoffs due out Thursday is expected to show that the number of newly laid off people signing up for state unemployment insurance last week rose to 540,000, up from 492,000 in the previous week, according to economists’ projections. The number of people continuing to draw jobless benefit is projected to stay near 4.5 million, demonstrating the troubles the unemployed are having in finding new jobs. Electronic unemployment filing systems have crashed in at least three states in recent days amid. 

What would it take to  put me in a more optimistic state-of-mind? To know that  someone is reading my brilliantly written cover letters and resumes instead of being lost in some black hole which is what I am convinced is happening.



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2 responses to “Now I’m really depressed

  1. Sarah

    I like to think of it as being in really great company. It’s chic to be laid off, right? Maybe not. But if it helps me get through the day, that’s what I tell myself.

  2. kateevanscorreia

    I don’t know if it’s chic but we are indeed in good company. I for one, am very glad to be in your company. I met a half dozen people today, interesting and smart people, who have also been laid off. Knowing that we’re not alone helps. But look, the more I talk to people the more I recognize that I’m lucky. Lucky to be able to make decisions about my future and about what I get to do day to day. That’s what helps me get through the day. I might be kidding myself, but for now, it’s what energizes me.

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